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auto formatting of text

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- 2014-07-02 13:49:35

I am trying to copy text into my site, but the editor auto formats it and lose the formatting I had, can this be turned off like in office?




- 2014-07-02 19:36:19


It is not advised to copy text from Microsoft Word document or other such sources and paste that directly into the website editor.

This is not the correct way to copy your content onto your website and could create many issues.

Word format is set for print and has lots of code behind it which the web browser cannot interpret.

The code used is not standard HTML but Microsoft Word coding that will not be interpreted by browsers. When you copy and paste content from Word into the website editor that Microsoft Word code is copied across and inserted onto the web page but not in the same format.

Best way if you still want to use Word is to also use a Text editor (Notepad,Textpad etc.) then copy the content from Word into the text editor. Text editors do not have formatting like Word, they can only show plain text. Once you have the text in the editor as plain text, then you can copy and paste this text into the website editor. The copied text is plain text so no non-standard code will be copied across. All your formatting in Word will be stripped out. Kind regards,
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- 2014-07-02 22:10:40

Thanks for the update, my text isn't from word, but the same auto formatting occurs in word.

I'm copying code from a code editor as my website is going to be linked to my book and want the formatted code from my compiler into the text editor.

Ill try what you suggested.


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